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The world of Girl Genius is set on a type of alternate Earth--there are place names that are somewhat familiar, like Europa (Europe) and Albia (England). The main story is set in Europa, and focuses on the heir to the House of Heterodyne, Agatha. Maxim himself is more of a minor character, a wild Jägermonster who's sworn to serve the house of his creators instead of giving his allegiance to the current ruler of Europa.

Jägermonsters are a type of construct monster, originally created centuries ago by an ancestor of the Heterodyne family. Most are fanatically loyal to the family, and when Bill and Barry Heterodyne, the last two known scions, disappeared, the majority of the remaining Jägermonsters swore allegiance to the current ruler of Europa, Klaus Wulfenbach. However, a few were ordered to leave Mechanicsburg, the ancestral Heterodyne home city, and not return until another Heterodyne heir was found. Maxim was among that chosen few. Imagine his surprise when Agatha found him and his buddies Ognian and Dimo first, when they were just hanging around.

Literally. (

Maxim is a character in a webcomic. I play him for fun, and no profit is being made off of this journal. This site is not approved by, sponsored by or affiliated with Studio Foglio LLC or Airship Entertainment.
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